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Mariana Kirby

Custom Web Design

Friendly, modern, and professional websites that convey a positive image for your business.

adaptable and responsive websites

Reach customers on mobile phones and tablets with responsive websites that adapt to any screen size.


Websites that you can update easily through a CMS backend.

UX design

Allow users to interact with your website simply, intuitively, and securely.

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Responsive webdesign

These are some examples of my work as a freelance web designer. All my sites are modern and minimalist. Responsive as well as self-administrative. During my first 10 years as a web designer I specialized in websites for photographers, especially Newyorkers. In any case, now I build corporate websites for companies, startups, manufacturers, professional and design studies among many others.

Business & corporate websites

Corporate and professional websites for companies. Updatable, fast, functional and well designed.

Record Producer Webdesign

Furniture design website

Record Producer Webdesign

Furniture factory

Record Producer Webdesign


Record Producer Webdesign

Creative companion

Websites for photographers and visual artists

I’ve been designing websites for photographers for years. I know what works and what doesn’t. I can optimize images to maximize the performance of your website while maintaining its overall appearance.

Record Producer Webdesign

Real estate photography

Record Producer Webdesign

Visual artist

Record Producer Webdesign

Portrait photographer

Record Producer Webdesign

Fashion photographer

Webdesign for business professionals

In this area I am designing modern and innovative pages for legal, accountants, architects, ONG´s among others.

Record Producer Webdesign

Record producer

Record Producer Webdesign


Record Producer Webdesign

Architecture firm

Record Producer Webdesign

Accounting firm

Webdesign for NGO´s

Websites have become the essential office of companies, especially when we talk about an NGO, it wants to convey to the world what it is doing and why it is worth investing or collaborating with it. If a potential donor lands on a page that says nothing or conveys a trustworthy image, this person is likely to get a bad impression, and thus an opportunity was missed.
I opted for cheerful and colorful designs even though they are delicate themes, thus managing to convey positivity and institutional strength.

Record Producer Webdesign

Child care NGO

Record Producer Webdesign

Medical cannabis NGO

Record Producer Webdesign



Single page websites contain approximately three sections indicating the services offered and contact information.

Record Producer Webdesign

Pilates studio

Record Producer Webdesign

Spare parts factory

Record Producer Webdesign

Accounting studio

Record Producer Webdesign

Makeup artist

Web design services


Professional Web Design

Custom designed web pages. Smart, modern and professional websites.
Attractive, intuitive websites that attract and retain potential customers and stand out from the competition.


An updated blog can create a continue stream of leads to your site. You can write, share ideas, photos and videos. It´s a great tool to position well in search engines.

Responsive Web Design

Today we access websites from all kinds of devices, therefore it is increasingly important that our website be adaptable to any screen size and device.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are promotional web pages created first to publicize a specific product or service, and second so that the user becomes a customer.

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