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Mariana Kirby

Custom Website Design

✔ Modern, friendly and functional websites.

✔ Responsive design.

✔ They are easily updated through a CMS.


Business & corporate websites

Corporate and professional websites for companies. Updatable, fast, functional and well designed.

Diseño Web Corpotativo
Sitios web para estudios profesionales - Mariana Kirby Diseño Web

Webdesign for business professionals

In this area I am designing modern and innovative pages for legal, accountants and architects among others.


Websites for photographers and visual artists

I’ve been designing websites for photographers for years. I know what works and what doesn’t. I can optimize images to maximize the performance of your website while maintaining its overall appearance.


Webdesign for NGO´s

Websites have become the essential office of companies, especially when we talk about an NGO, it wants to convey to the world what it is doing and why it is worth investing or collaborating with it. If a potential donor lands on a page that says nothing or conveys a trustworthy image, this person is likely to get a bad impression, and thus an opportunity was missed.
I opted for cheerful and colorful designs even though they are delicate themes, thus managing to convey positivity and institutional strength.



Microsites are mini websites that provide concrete and compact information in a practical, clean, clear and user-friendly way, for this reason they offer direct communication that is easily accessed. They contain approximately three to five sections indicating the services offered and contact information. Single page websites or landing pages have great benefits.

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