Webdesign for NGO´s

Websites have become the essential office of companies, especially when we talk about an NGO, it wants to convey to the world what it is doing and why it is worth investing or collaborating with it. If a potential donor lands on a page that says nothing or conveys a trustworthy image, this person is likely to get a bad impression, and thus an opportunity was missed.
I opted for cheerful and colorful designs even though they are delicate themes, thus managing to convey positivity and institutional strength.

Record Producer Webdesign

Child care NGO

Record Producer Webdesign

Medical cannabis NGO

Record Producer Webdesign


Webdesign for the NGO “Conceptos Sencillos”. Contains CTA to donate, information, contact form and links to Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Medical cannabis ONG website

Website for the medical cannabis ONG “Stativa Madre”

Córdoba, Argentina

NGO website

An ONG can get help in different ways, although without a doubt a website is one of the most effective ways. The ONG Alapa investigates and procures solutions for rare diseases. They asked me for a fresh, cheerful and colorful design, seeking to create a friendly climate.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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